Software will do what you tell it to do, not (necessarily) what you want it to do.

E-shop: the highstreet in your living room.

Take your trade into the digital age, and join your customers in the comfort of their own homes. Whether opening a new e-shop, optimizing your existing processes or refining customer communication tools, digitizing your business will increase efficiency – that’s a fact.
Developing this stuff is challenging (another fact) but the rewards are huge. Our team can make it easier.


Set up a meeting

Meet our project consultant to discuss your brief. Maybe you have big ideas or we create everything together from scratch. Once we’ve agreed the schedule and conditions, it’s time to analyze.


Ana Lysis

The key to your success is to launch your e-shop asap. The key to our success is to launch your e-shop asap. So we have a common goal. The schedule of work will be more accurate with the right analysis.


User experience

UI/UX forms the foundation of our design. We don’t have all the wisdom in the world, but we know how to get your customers to the checkout. That’s all that matters. Yeah, they’ll try to jump all over your site… but we’ll funnel them right where you want them.



The whole process doesn’t end with coding. Now… more analysis. We have to know that things work, and work well. Without detailed testing, we have a lot of work ahead. If we’ve done it correctly, then we’re approaching our common goal.


Almost there...

We made it — your site or e-shop is launched. You’re busy managing the orders. There may be bumps in the road as you get used to your new platform. But we’re ready to help. And how do you develop your business further? Well, we have the ideas – and with further analysis we can develop the perfect strategy. Ready for more?



A showcase of rapidly evolving and adjusting trends, for a top ski resort.

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Modernizing the image of a respected mountain sports retailer in the High Tatra mountains.

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Aiming for the hearts of hunters with a new website for

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A fresh image and unique prayer chain, specially coded for

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High-performance virtual, gaming and dedicated servers. Even complicated things are easily solved.

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