A strategy without tactics could be a slow and painful road to victory. But using tactics without strategy is just the howl before defeat.

Lost the path to glory? You need a fresh perspective.

Want a trophy cabinet like Michael Phelps? First, choose the right stroke. Then, what if you’re thrown in the ocean? Could you cope swimming butterfly? What about the competition? You swim gracefully, but aren’t they all in speedboats? Oops.

Know your objectives, but also what’s happening around you. The right coach will guide you to victory…


Set up a meeting

Meet our project consultant to discuss your brief. Maybe you have big ideas or we create everything together from scratch. Then we agree the schedule and conditions. Strategy comes next.



The best strategies do what’s necessary, not what’s necessarily comfortable. Through workshops and other methods we’ll probe, provoke, propose and review. Maybe (certainly!) challenge you a bit. You’ll answer and simultaneously find the answers yourself.


You've peaked!

You’re ready. We’ve developed the perfect plan together. You’ve reached peak fitness at the right moment, and we’re in your corner. We’ll guide you to the finish line no matter what obstacles come our way.


Bring on the next

We’re all over it – the strategy has come together. It’s a podium finish. We knew it all along (the tactics were right). Glory for you, and time to celebrate. But the best coach looks for the next challenge. How do we take you further?

Strategic decisions.



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BK97 Stova

Helping to amplify the passion of extraliga's volleyball fans.

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Alliance of construction trades

Redesigning a rigid structure and content creation for loyal and happy customers.

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