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We create functional but handsome things. Our designers interpret trends, tailor-making visual content that attracts attention on the web, social, billboards, citylights or print.

We design from scratch, because the hardest path often leads to the most curious and sublime place.

Functional, timeless and… clean?

Our goal (and yours): to turn visitors into customers. Visual appeal, intuitive navigation, responsive design = great user experience. Security and customer support comfortably integrated in the background, of course. But a functional site starts with good, clean code (plus extra planning at the start!).

Be attractive, not an attraction.

We’re not afraid to do things differently – push your boundaries a bit – but we won’t sell you out for the sake of a few likes. When it comes to social networks you want to trend for the right reasons.

We’ll find the best content for your brand to ride on, but social feeds aren’t the only way to reach customers. Other opportunities are out there so we’ll seamlessly integrate social with your wider strategy.

Strategy vs tactics.

Harmony between communication and strategy; every message must have purpose, feed your objectives. If not, then what’s the point? Thinking strategically pays off, whether it’s a complex technical challenge or straightforward ad campaign.

We’ll firmly resist content for content’s sake (even for easy money…) – sorry! Instead, we’ll push you to think smarter, investing in ideas and tactics that function for your strategy.

Tidy cables, tidy mind.

Ah, the chaotic bundle of cables. We can’t bear it. Not because it’s ugly. It’s just that when it comes to IT, we’re as fussy about what’s on the outside (how it looks) as what’s on the inside (how it works). So, our cables are organised and orderly. And so’s our support – alerting you to threats, auditing and designing solutions, while communicating clearly.

Where do we operate ?

We operate within whole Slovakia, including foreign countries, but headquorters of our company is in Stará Ľubovňa